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What is the Soul Circle?

Soul Circle is a group of women that meet to support one another on thier spiritual journeys.

Amazing things happen during this "micro-retreat" time where soul and creativity meet.

The SOUL CIRCLE attracts women who desire to enter into the “sacred” space of soul work,

reflection, process, quiet, faith sharing and building a circle of community.

Women of the circle range in age from mid 20's to 70's. The women represent a variety of  faith backgrounds and practices. For some, The circle becomes a form of "Church" in the building

of care for one another and a shared sense of community!

During the session, the  "soul-sisters"  are guided in a quieting mediatation that leads to reflective silence and personal prayer. Inspirational music and songs; creative expression

of simple art or reflective jounaling open the individual

to a deeper awareness of thier inner spirit!  

The mandala is generally used as the form of creative expression and shared reflection.

A mandala brings the soul to life through an artistic blend of colors, words and concepts

that reflect the topic of each circle.

Creative rituals of prayer gather the women of the circle  into the presence of the Divine and invites each person to go deeper into their personal relationship to God and Spirit.

The group gathers once a month from 1:15 PM to 4:15 on a Sunday.  

Each session is on a sliding scale from $30-60. (suggested $30)

Women take turns bringing a healthy snack treat to share.


(Subject to change)

2017 Oct. 29, Nov. 26, Dec. 10

2018 JAN. 14, FEB. NO CIRCLE, MAR 11, APR 15, , MAY 20, JUNE 10

LIMIT: 16 SIGN ins per session. Once a person is on the circle list they receive

the sign in email after the previous circle session ends. 8 sign ins for a circle to "circle!"

INTERESTED? Please contact Sr. Stella for more information and circle space.